Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Daring Bakers!

I didn't really get to taste or enjoy the baking process of this cake as much as I have in the past. The new kitten seems to think he owns the counters, the mixing bowls, the sink, and oven. He also sort of taste tested most parts of the cake, so it became a show piece. ;) He definitely loved the cake and buttercream.

Friday, July 11, 2008

New York Times' Chocolate Chip Cookies

I attended Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. During my last two years at IU the Student Council (I can't remember their proper name) arranged for The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Indianapolis Star to be given out for free on campus. I quickly learned that the NYT is an American treasure. Seriously. First off, it's expensive (if you aren't an IU student), but huge! It's absurd, have you worn their style section out? And on Wednesdays, it's chock full of food. I don't think I missed a Wednesday all senior year. I had a morning class that was commonly referred to Gloom, Doom and Expetient Death. I was a Public Affairs major and most classes focused on policy. This class focused on all the awful, mutent diseases that were festering in the world. So, the Monday version of this class gave me panic attacks. The Wednesday version just made me hungry. Armed with my favorite weekday's edition I'd comb for good finds. Dorie Greenspan's French Brownies caught my eye. Along with countless others. This week it was chocolate chip cookies. Reading the article made me think back on to my own experience baking chocolate chip cookies. Over the Fourth of July holiday I had proclaimed them to be my most favorite thing to make. But, was it because I was searching for a great mix of chewy and crispy? The NYT's article convinced me. I hadn't found my perfect, huge cookie.

I sat out the ingredients Wednesday night (in between SYTYCD) and mixed up a batch. First off, so. much. dough. Deary! I did as told and wrapped the dough in plastic for a 24 to 36 hour rest in the fridge.

After the rest period they were rolled and baked Thursday night. The instructions told to make 3 1/2 ounce balls. They call the size 'generous golf balls' I'd call it 'ginormous golf balls.'

I turned on the oven light and knew they would taste delicious.